Tracking Signals High and Low

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vydavy, Project 59

Bushwick / Ridgewood

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The Active Space | 566 Johnson ave (entrance on Stewart)

The Active Space presents “TRACKING SIGNALS HIGH AND LOW” show of most recent works by two artist collectives – vydavy and Project 59 that deal with behavioral patterns of two different scales: global and domestic.

Project 59 develops multi-year projects on a global scale and within a unifying theme, investigating alternative means for different kinds of connectivity; analyzing the relation between potential and implemented, while tracking and reflecting events and changes in life, cultures and societies. Utilizing both basic materials and new technology, Project 59 focuses on the intersection of real life and cybernetic experiences, by creating virtual and actual site-specific installations

IN MEDIAS RES (into the middle of things) by vydavy explores collaborative process and uses symbolic language and video to document a series of performances. Using in medias res as a technique where the relating of a story begins at the midpoint, rather than at the beginning, establishing setting, character, and conflict via flashback or expository conversations relating the pertinent past, vydavy combines video, performance and juxtaposing images to crate a phrase or a sentence that is a world of it’s own and which bears controversy of personal experience.