Transformed Viewpoints: National Artists Exhibition

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Mimi Oritsky, Inside Rex #5, 2014, Oil on linen, 14" x 14"

Laura Crosby, d'Ann de Simone, Dani Dodge, Paula Everitt, Melissa Furness, Alisa Henriquez, Mary-Ann Kokoska, Nancy Macko, Esther Naor, Mimi Oritsky, Meghan Quinn, Sally Resnik Rockriver, Julia Kim Smith, Amy Swartele, Erin Wiersma, Joo Yeon Woo, Janet Decker Yanez, Mineko Yoshida


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A.I.R. GALLERY | 111 Front Street, #228

Curated by Charlotta Kotik

February 5 - 28, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 5, 6-9pm

Brooklyn, NY - December 2014

Curated by Brooklyn Museum Curator Emerita Charlotta
Kotik, the 2015 A.I.R. National Artists Exhibition,
Transformed Viewpoints, is an energetic reflection of the
face of today’s feminism across the U.S.

Kotik says:“The face of feminism has changed over the
last several decades, and this is well reflected in the work
of the present National artists. Certain battles were won;
women artists are better represented by galleries and
exhibited in major institutions. The focus has shied
toward the more comprehensive societal critique that
employs a large variety of formal approaches. This new
viewpoint is no longer centered on the feminist agenda
only. It became a viewpoint of a wide range of
contemporary artists who address issues of the current
world and that world’s complex influences on our very

The (artists) select techniques that best suit their intentions and present us with the possibilities of a renewed perception of our reality. Their viewpoints thus transform our own views by crossing accustomed boundaries and opening new, unexpected vistas.”

The 18 artists in Transformed Viewpoints come from as far away as California, Kansas, and North Carolina. One hails from Israel. They represent a wide diversity of practices, and each artist is discovering something unexpected.

Artists: Laura Crosby (Minneapolis, MN), d'Ann de Simone (New Haven, CT and East Lansing, MI), Dani Dodge (Los Angeles, CA), Paula Everitt (Newtown, PA), Melissa Furness (Denver, CO), Alisa Henriquez (East Lansing, MI), Mary-Ann Kokoska (Fort Collins, CO), Nancy Macko (Upland, CA), Esther Naor (Savion, Israel), Mimi Oritsky (Philadelphia, PA), Meghan Quinn (Los Angeles, CA), Sally Resnik Rockriver (Chapel Hill, NC), Julia Kim Smith (Baltimore, MD), Amy Swartele (Potsdam, NY), Erin Wiersma (Manhattan, KS), Joo Yeon Woo (Boulder, CO), Janet Decker Yanez (Nashville, TN), Mineko Yoshida (Charlottesville, VA)





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