Travis Boyer's COMO LA FLOR

with Caitlin Keogh

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Bushwick / Ridgewood

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SIGNAL | 260 Johnson Avenue

SIGNAL is proud to present Como La Flor, an exhibition of new painting and sculpture by Travis Boyer with a new large-scale painting by Caitlin Keogh.

“Como La Flor,” Selena’s 1992 Tejano Pop anthem for which the exhibition is named, tells the allegorical tale of a wilting flower, the story of a love found and lost. This body of new work by Boyer explores beauty in vitality, and the implications of inevitable death and decay.

Como La Flor includes colorful works on soft velvet pile and silk—hanging chairs, spattered in encaustic, dangle throughout the exhibition.

Installed as a decorative frieze is Caitlin Keogh’s painting
Fragment From Botticelli’s Primavera Allegory: Chloris, a Nymph, is Pursued and Raped by the Wind God Zephyrus. After the Rape, Chloris Becomes the Goddess Flora, the Source of All Flowers.

Join us for the opening reception:
Friday, May 29th, 7-10pm
Performance by Harpist Shelley Burgon, 7­-9pm