Will Rahilly

Video Screening & Zine Launch

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Will Rahilly

Carroll Gardens

Small Editions | 60 Sackett Street

Join Small Editions Friday May 22nd 7:30-10pm for a screening of video works by Will Rahilly and book launch for the artist’s new zine “ØllØ”. As a special way of commemorating the launch of this publication, the artist will be conducting an in-person book licking for the first 50 books sold in the edition.

Blue Dot, Will Rahilly, 2015, HD video, 5:25 mins

Blastulacon (2015 cut), Will Rahilly, 2015, SD video, 35:05 mins

Throughout his career, Will Rahilly has produced moving images on video intended as cinema, installation, and performance elements. Blue Dot and Blastulacon are connected by Rahilly’s numerous manipulations of the moving image. Throughout both videos, he explores the elasticity of the medium of video and its ability to manufacture environments and distort reality.

Inspired by Ben Fama’s poem, Los Angeles, Blue Dot is a pulsating visual experience. In the poem Fama writes about an abstracted blue dot pulsing down a boulevard. In Blue Dot, Rahilly expands this idea into virtual environments and pathways that riff off of the internet, visual media and separation.

Blastulacon (2015 cut) is an exploration of image and compulsion. Inspired by Japanese cinema, video games, eczema and bad internet art, Blastulacon tells the tale of two isolated characters and their fantasies — gastronomic, sexual and otherwise. One character lives in an uncanny apartment and derives pleasure from a machine. As he hooks up the machine to his body, different relationships between his orifices and the machine are explored though vibrant video meditations. Another character works cyclically processing the members of her entertainment company. She remains isolated from the members, seeing only their faces flash before her on a screen.

These videos captivate viewers with sound and image leaving one more aware through the experience of viewing.

Will Rahilly is a video, digital imaging, sound, and performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Recent work includes a video and live performance installation at EYEBEAM gallery, a video installation and photography at the SPRING/BREAK Art Fair, and a collaborative text and video performance at the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s. Other work includes writing and directing a 55 minute video art film, which has been screened at Galapagos Art Space, the PDX and ONE film festivals, and Spectacle Cinema, among other venues. His Paffllage group art project has been ongoing for over five years and has led to collaborations with over thirty other artists in New York City.


The screening will be followed with a book licking by the artist.

Free and open to the public.

Books available for purchase for $10 on the night of the event. Pre-order your copy of ØlllØ here:

Please note: seating is limited. First-come, first-served. Screening will begin promptly at 8pm.