Vitor Mejuto: The Lost Syllabary: New Works on Paper

Sue Havens, Recent Works on Paper

Vitor Mejuto: The Lost Syllabary: New Works on Paper Sue Havens, Recent Works on Paper | Events Calendar

Vitor Mejuto, Sue Havens

Bushwick / Ridgewood

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On View

Schema Projects | 92 St Nicholas Ave

Curated by Mary Judge

The aesthetic ancestry of Mejuto’s work can be traced as a westward journey t
through geometric abstraction, from the Russian art move-ments of Constructivism and Suprematism through the European schools of Bauhaus and De Stijl, landing finally in the Minimalism of mid 20th-century. The strong geometric shapes of that tradition can be seen here, as he curves the bold graphics about each other, creating dynamic and confrontational mono-forms in color. More understated in color and contrast to the tempera paintings, are the graphite and colored pencil drawings which place tangles of inter-locking vectors in muted shades against gridded backgrounds, further emphasizing the geometric play.

In Schema Backspace, Sue Havens will present large and small scale watercolors, drawings and 3 dimensional collages of painted paper. The mediums of painting and sculpture inform each other in these paintings on paper as elements of each, are brought into the other’s context, producing novel and exciting results. Her two di-mensional works involve the dense interlocking of abstract figures filled in with various gradients, often emulating the rippling surfaces of fabric or bark. The wall-mounted three-dimensional paper con-structions layer similar planes of busy but muted textures and are given a vibrant tension by the use of careful spots of bright color. Havens reinvigorates traditions of early abstraction as explored by Leger, DuBuffet, Art Brut and the constructed collaged of Dada and Cubist artists adding a homespun and "do it yourself" twist.