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WALTER DUNDERVILL, HEATHER KRAVAS Solo Performances | Events Calendar
PHOTO: DD Dorvillier 2013, self-portrait with Heather

E Village / LES

Danspace Project | 131 East 10th Street

May 30, 2014
Friday at 8:00PM
$20 General | $15 Danspace Project members

PLATFORM 2014: Diary of an Image by DD Dorvillier

Dorvillier invites artists with whom she has important artistic relationships to perform on four different evenings. In response, each artist presents a solo reflecting shared artistic concerns or historic connections. All performances will be followed by a conversation between Dorvillier and the artists.

Walter Dundervill creates a solo and sound score in which he incorporates strategies he has observed in Dorvillier's work into his own process. Walter was a collaborator on Dorvillier's Danza Permanente (2012), and in the upcoming Extra Shapes (2015).

Choreographer-performer Heather Kravas willfully exposes a distorted body at turns submissive, furious, powerful, and ruined with The execution of an entry. Tension penetrates a formally considered choreography, as Kravas sporadically punctuates her own performance in emulation of her friend and mentor, DD Dorviller. Kravas has appeared and collaborated in many of Dorvillier's works including Dressed for Floating (2002), Coming Out of the Night with Names (2004), Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready! (2009), and Danza Permanente (2012).

Friday, May 23, 8pm: S├ębastien Roux, Jennifer Lacey
Saturday May 24, 8pm: Jennifer Monson, Elizabeth Ward
Friday, May 30, 8pm: Heather Kravas, Walter Dundervill
Saturday, May 31, 8pm: Katerina Andreou, Oren Barnoy, Nibia Pastrana