Young Japanese Artist Book Fair

10th Annual Exhibition

Young Japanese Artist Book Fair 10th Annual Exhibition | Events Calendar


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Printed Matter | 231 Eleventh Ave.

Printed Matter hosts the JAPANESE YOUNG ARTISTS BOOK FAIR, the 10th annual exhibition of contemporary artists’ books presented by PEPPER’S PROJECT, a Tokyo-based gallery and art project.

The fair places the work of dozens of Japanese book artists across NYC bookstores, with a portion of the show on view at Printed Matter, Kinokuniya, and Book Court, between February 26 – March 7.

This year’s selection at Printed Matter (installed in the front register display cases) features photography books, artists’ books, art-object books and other projects. Artworks include those from Yoko Haraoka 原岡容子, Yoko Naito ないとうようこ, misaki matsui 松井みさき+//from the white room., Yuko K., kirika Shirobayashi 城林希里香, toterapotch トテラポッチ, Haruna Yasui 安井春菜, Miori Kobayashi 小林澪李、Yoshiyuki Maeda 前田善志, Haruka Hiramatsu 平松 悠 , Miyuki Sakurai 櫻井美由紀, Takuya Takano 高野拓也





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