Color Compass

Announcing the opening of “Color Compass” a gallery show by Rebecca Darlington and Jane Marcy throughout June at Gallery 66 NY. Please join us at the Artist Reception on First Friday, June 5, from 6-9PM at Cold Spring’s Premier Art Gallery located at 66 Main St. or anytime from June 4 - 28. The gallery is open every Thursday through Sunday, noon until 6 PM.

Rebecca Darlington’s practice dissects notions of belonging, culture, identity, decoration and production by distilling these elements to their essence. Her ecological topography work echo our human relations and present simple linked figures in elegant arrangements. Invented lace is blown to heroic scale and becomes a link to personality and vanity. Her paintings, installations and sculptures all examine the multiple connections that form a landscape in our lives. They ask why we persist in creating communions? Is the sacrifice of our individuality worth the solidarity of the tribe?

Darlington is a Hudson Valley artist. She grew up the daughter of a jet fighter pilot and has lived in 6 counties and 4 states. Her art has evolved during her global explorations. Growing up she encountered poignant separations and hasty reinventions into often strange and extraordinary cultures.

Darlington earned a BFA from The Lamar Dodd School of Art at University of Georgia. While at UGA she studied bronze casting in Cortona, Italy. In 2007 she was awarded an artist residency at CAMAC in France which became a turning point for her art practice. She was most recently awarded representation in the 2014 Spring Edition of Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 26. Rebecca’s 25 years of professional experience as a designer, creative director and consultant has transformed her artistic vision.

Jane Marcy’s visual compass points to the spirit of land and water and to the underlying mystery of Nature. Her images are empty of human presence and yet inspire longing for communion. The textural and soft painterly quality of her photographs evoke a place in between reality and dreams. Many of her images were photographed here in the Hudson Valley.

Jane Marcy is a formally trained professional photographer and received a degree in photography from R.I.T. She operated Marcy Photography, a Studio and Gallery in Cold Spring, from 1981-1988. In 2005, Marcy relocated her photography business to Beacon where she owned and directed Wild Wood Gallery.  A four-year adventure in this growing art community, the gallery was dedicated to the photographic arts and exhibited the work of many extraordinary photographers.
Jane Marcy has been a photography educator for over 20 years sharing her love of photography.  Currently she teaches digital photography courses at The Art School at Old Church in NJ.

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